Monday, 9 March 2015


My Guides have been prompting me to draw ‘spirals’ and told me by doing so it would help me in many ways. Curious, I began drawing spirals of all sizes. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed this process. I noticed that sometimes I would draw them anti-clockwise which I was told was unlocking, releasing and letting go. Other times I would draw them clockwise which meant I was receiving new healing energy.

You are your own healer
As I drew these spirals I found myself spontaneously repeating affirmations and positive statements about what I was releasing or receiving. After a while I noticed that I was fully present in the now moment and much insight was coming through. There were no worries, stresses or thoughts about what I should be doing next…I was in the NOW! I began noticing how I felt with each of the different colors I was drawing, and noticed the emotions, thoughts, images and feelings that were coming up too.

For me, this process felt like an active meditation that was very therapeutic and balanced my energies. Each time I drew I felt lighter, clearer and more aligned. It was my time to focus on no thought, to trust and to flow.  If you are feeling stuck, lacking focus or a whole host of emotions perhaps you might consider doing something like this. Its so simple that anyone can do it and you really don’t need any special abilities or talents.

This very simple exercise showed me that you can get to the core of your issues very quickly with mindfulness. It helps you to be present in your heart space, in your body and connect with your truth. IT IS SO, SO SIMPLE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY IT WORKS! Our logical and rational minds make things hard, so today step out of your mind and into your heart for true healing.

Sending you much love and healing miracles today.

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015