Monday, 16 March 2015


Want to give your goals extra oomph?  Programme your intentions into a piece of clear quartz crystal and watch the come alive!

Clear quartz is a natural amplifier of energy and it’s use greatly enhances the manifestation process.  Programming is the process of deliberately embedding your thoughts, emotions and energy into the crystal where it is stored and can be accessed at a later time.

Personally I always select a piece of clear quartz with rainbows when I am programming.  To me the rainbows signify possibility, magic, dreams coming true and reminds me to remain optimistic until the results come to pass. 

Clear Quartz Crystal

Programming a crystal is a simple process that anyone can do, however there are a couple of things to be mindful of before you start:

1. You need to ensure your crystal has been properly cleansed before use.
2. Be very clear about your intent BEFORE you start as crystals have the ability to magnify energy.
3. Your intentions work best if they are simple, specific and phrased in the present tense (ie. I am, I have etc)

When you are ready to begin hold your crystal in front of your heart chakra and take a few nice deep breaths. Focus on the crystal and really feel the connection between you.   Now this is where you get creative….imagine, visualise, feel and see the intentions you wish to manifest (see them as though they have already come to pass).   Raise the crystal to your third eye (your forehead) and in your mind or out aloud state your intention clearly.  For example you can say “I programme this crystal for xxx”.  Repeat your intention several times to make your purpose clear.  When you have finished blow your breath onto the crystal and state "and so it is".

Now place your crystal where you will see it often and remember to touch or hold it regularly.  You may even want to place it upon something that reminds you of what you programmed it with.  This helps to keep the intention alive and active within your consciousness.

Happy manifesting!

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015
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Friday, 13 March 2015


Grounding our energy helps us to remain balanced, centered, integrated and aligned in our body.  If you are someone who experiences a lot of fear, anxiety, confusion, restlessness or scattered energy day-to-day chances are you would benefit from this.  Grounding is an essential part of our spiritual practice that greatly assists us in anchoring the frequencies we attune to, for the benefit of ourselves and others. There are many ways to ground yourself and some that I personally find helpful are:

- Connecting with mother earth and nature

- Working in the garden

- Doing housework (not much fun though)

- Working with crystals that resonate with the BASE CHAKRA (my favourites are smokey quartz, haematite, black tourmaline & black obsidian)

- Visualisation – while connecting with Archangel Raziel I asked to be shown the quickest & easiest way (can’t blame a girl for trying lol) for me to visualise grounding myself.  I immediately saw a tiny seed in the rich brown earth.  It’s roots began to grow down deep in to the earth and once firmly anchored a beautiful flower began to grow above.  I was told to visualise the flower’s colour as any colour I needed at the time.  I was then given the words ‘As you ground and anchor your light, all that you are becomes bright’.

Have a lovely day and remember to keep your feet on the ground!

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015


Image: 11:11 Awakening Code
I recently heard a famous celebrity say that although he was born into humble beginnings with limited opportunities he was able to change his life and his fortune.  His secret....he discarded all limitations, blocked out the naysayers, chose to believe in himself and affirmed that absolutely anything was possible.  He literally tore down the walls that separated him from his true potential.  He is an inspiring man with a vision and unshakable belief in pure possibility.

Each and every one of us have this within us's a case of mind over matter, faith and holding the belief that we are worthy of greatness, success, love or whatever we aspire to be.  Today and for all the days to come, I encourage you to drop the limiting beliefs, fear, lack and unworthiness.   

Let it go...truly embrace who you are and believe in pure possibility.

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015


No matter how careful I am, over the years I’ve lost my fair share of crystals (it happens when you carry them with you 24/7).  Sometimes they are gone forever and other times they reappear as quickly as they left.  It’s my feeling that once we’ve absorbed and integrated the energy of a certain crystal(s), their work with us is done (for now at least) and it’s time for them to move on.

Often a certain crystal will come back in to our life when we need it again, otherwise they remain to the side or are put away for safe keeping. To me crystals are like Spirit Guides, they are with us when we need them most, and once we have integrated their energy or learned the lesson they were here to assist us with, they leave and a new guide steps in. 

Today and always, be guided by the light of your crystals.

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015

Thursday, 12 March 2015


To practice SELF-LOVE is the kindest act you can bestow upon yourself. When given freely and without compromise, it makes way for miracles and creates a path to true bliss. Love yourself, nurture yourself and be proud of who you are and what you represent. Free flow with love and allow love to free flow with you.


BE STILL AND LISTEN....don't be afraid of the silence or bored by the seeming lack of stimulation. Breathe through this 'entry stage' a little further and allow yourself to settle just a little longer. The sounds, images, colors, vibrations and thoughts will begin to flow more readily and you will soon see the richness the meditative state offers you. Unplug from the busyness, the frantic pace, the illusion and plug in to the infinite source of peace, love and inspiration. Miracles await. Miracle be!

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Monday, 9 March 2015


2015 is an 8 year in numerology and marks a powerful time of inner change and transformation which will have lasting effects. It’s a year for making strong decisions and positive choices that lead us towards our goals. The number 8 relates to money, power, sex, death & rebirth, so we can expect these themes throughout the year. This is a year to reclaim our power and really take control of our life path, NO EXCUSES! A time to truly embrace our purpose and believe in ourselves without compromise. 

Often we start the New Year with lots of energy and positivity. We set our New Year’s resolutions with good intent but somewhere along the way we lose focus and energy to see them through. We get busy, side-tracked or are tempted to shrink back inside or dismiss our abilities. We’ve all done it, but the only way we will follow through this year is to COMMIT and have the STRENGTH to see them through. At the end of the day it’s only YOU who can make things happen. 

Here are my tips for helping you remain true to your path and your goals in 2015:
Smoky Elestial Quartz Crystal
  1. Select a personal crystal or 'power stone' to remind you of your goals. My pick for a 'power stone' this year is SMOKY ELESTIAL QUARTZ. This amazing crystal has a very high vibration which supports your spiritual growth. Elestials continuously receive pure spiritual energy and allow you to receive an infusion of love & light at a comfortable frequency for your personal healing and growth. They resonate strongly with the base chakra and create a powerful action of grounding higher vibrations into the body (an important theme for us in 2015). Elestials grow with you and open doorways to higher dimensions, especially the angelic realm.
  2. Select a special or uniquely shaped piece of clear quartz crystal and programme your intention and goals into it. After thoroughly cleansing and dedicating your crystal hold it to your third eye and speak / repeat your intentions clearly into it. Connect with this crystal regularly to keep you aligned to your goals.
  3. Music is a powerful healer. Choose a song that best represents the energies you wish to embrace in 2015. A song that inspires you and lifts you when your spirits are low. Play this song today and every time you need it.
  4. Create a vision board just for you. Don’t worry about making it perfect….create something that helps you focus on what you want or what inspires you. Think colours, objects, words or images of positivity and inspiration. Place it where you will see it often.
  5. A positivity / gratitude jar! Buy or decorate a beautiful jar and every day write down at least one thing that you are grateful for or something special you experienced. Pop it in the jar and place a piece of citrine crystal in there too for an added boost!
  6. Spring clean and de-clutter your space. Nothing says a fresh start like a clean house or room and it’s a wonderful way to keep things simple and uncomplicated.
  7. Create an alter or sacred space just for you where you can self-heal, refocus and find inner peace. Commit to doing your meditation, reflection, journal writing etc in this space as often as you can.
  8. Plant a seed or flower to remind you of new beginnings. This symbolises planting and seeding your intentions for the year. Say a prayer or give it a little blessing and nurture your plant as you nurture your dreams.
  9. Ask for a personal message of love or guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels and commit to sitting still and receiving their wisdom often.
I trust these simple ideas inspire you and help you to remain in a state of gratitude and awareness. Today let’s put the past behind us and use the wisdom we've gained from our experiences to start afresh in this very moment. 2015 will be a pivotal and defining year for us all....BRING IT ON!!

Sending love to you all and may your dreams come true!

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015


My Guides have been prompting me to draw ‘spirals’ and told me by doing so it would help me in many ways. Curious, I began drawing spirals of all sizes. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed this process. I noticed that sometimes I would draw them anti-clockwise which I was told was unlocking, releasing and letting go. Other times I would draw them clockwise which meant I was receiving new healing energy.

You are your own healer
As I drew these spirals I found myself spontaneously repeating affirmations and positive statements about what I was releasing or receiving. After a while I noticed that I was fully present in the now moment and much insight was coming through. There were no worries, stresses or thoughts about what I should be doing next…I was in the NOW! I began noticing how I felt with each of the different colors I was drawing, and noticed the emotions, thoughts, images and feelings that were coming up too.

For me, this process felt like an active meditation that was very therapeutic and balanced my energies. Each time I drew I felt lighter, clearer and more aligned. It was my time to focus on no thought, to trust and to flow.  If you are feeling stuck, lacking focus or a whole host of emotions perhaps you might consider doing something like this. Its so simple that anyone can do it and you really don’t need any special abilities or talents.

This very simple exercise showed me that you can get to the core of your issues very quickly with mindfulness. It helps you to be present in your heart space, in your body and connect with your truth. IT IS SO, SO SIMPLE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY IT WORKS! Our logical and rational minds make things hard, so today step out of your mind and into your heart for true healing.

Sending you much love and healing miracles today.

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015


At 4:06am AEST Friday 6 the Full Moon in Virgo will grace us with her presence. The sign of Virgo is concerned with health matters, service / work, self-improvement and daily routines. Virgo is a mutable earth sign which makes it more adaptable and versatile than the other earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus) and the keyword for Virgo is ‘I ANALYSE. We can use the energy of Virgo to our advantage by becoming more self-aware, thinking rationally and assessing situations from a practical perspective. 

Full Moon in Virgo Crystal Grid
This full moon brings new insights and solutions to old problems which will help us to move forward with greater ease. Virgo likes to perfect and analyse, so this is an ideal time to take a closer look at the areas in your life that aren’t working and make some adjustments. It’s a time of PURIFICATION AND RELEASE; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. A time to close the door on old habits, behaviours or addictions that hold you back.

The sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which covers thought and expression. This a particularly powerful time to pay attention to your thoughts, self-talk and the words you speak….all of which have the power to harm or heal. What if the only thing stopping you from living the life of your dreams was your thoughts? Be aware. Be honest. Be accountable. Be free!

MIND EXERCISE - Daily journaling is a wonderful way to slow down the busy mind and detach from the drama. It allows you to see things more objectively and express yourself more authentically (see my ‘spiral’ post later this afternoon). If you keep falling back into old patterns or continually doubt yourself, consider writing an ‘accomplishment list’ where you focus on all the things you have done that make you proud and all that you can do. Whenever you find yourself thinking ‘down’ read your list right through to lift your spirits.

Full Moon in Virgo Crystal Grid

BODY EXERCISE – The things we think about or experience but don’t express often get stored on the body. As Virgo is an earth sign (body) this is a great time to move your body in order to shift the old energy. Hit the gym, walk the dog, walk the kids to school….anything to get you moving just that little bit more. You’ll feel better, look better and will be better.

SPIRIT EXERCISE – Visualisation, meditation and music are all powerful healers that uplift the spirit and nourish the soul.

This crystal grid has been created with Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Apatite and Clear Quartz and will help with purification and release. As I created this grid I kept hearing the song ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’. May this grid help to keep your path clear.

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015