Monday, 16 March 2015


Want to give your goals extra oomph?  Programme your intentions into a piece of clear quartz crystal and watch the come alive!

Clear quartz is a natural amplifier of energy and it’s use greatly enhances the manifestation process.  Programming is the process of deliberately embedding your thoughts, emotions and energy into the crystal where it is stored and can be accessed at a later time.

Personally I always select a piece of clear quartz with rainbows when I am programming.  To me the rainbows signify possibility, magic, dreams coming true and reminds me to remain optimistic until the results come to pass. 

Clear Quartz Crystal

Programming a crystal is a simple process that anyone can do, however there are a couple of things to be mindful of before you start:

1. You need to ensure your crystal has been properly cleansed before use.
2. Be very clear about your intent BEFORE you start as crystals have the ability to magnify energy.
3. Your intentions work best if they are simple, specific and phrased in the present tense (ie. I am, I have etc)

When you are ready to begin hold your crystal in front of your heart chakra and take a few nice deep breaths. Focus on the crystal and really feel the connection between you.   Now this is where you get creative….imagine, visualise, feel and see the intentions you wish to manifest (see them as though they have already come to pass).   Raise the crystal to your third eye (your forehead) and in your mind or out aloud state your intention clearly.  For example you can say “I programme this crystal for xxx”.  Repeat your intention several times to make your purpose clear.  When you have finished blow your breath onto the crystal and state "and so it is".

Now place your crystal where you will see it often and remember to touch or hold it regularly.  You may even want to place it upon something that reminds you of what you programmed it with.  This helps to keep the intention alive and active within your consciousness.

Happy manifesting!

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