Friday, 13 March 2015


Grounding our energy helps us to remain balanced, centered, integrated and aligned in our body.  If you are someone who experiences a lot of fear, anxiety, confusion, restlessness or scattered energy day-to-day chances are you would benefit from this.  Grounding is an essential part of our spiritual practice that greatly assists us in anchoring the frequencies we attune to, for the benefit of ourselves and others. There are many ways to ground yourself and some that I personally find helpful are:

- Connecting with mother earth and nature

- Working in the garden

- Doing housework (not much fun though)

- Working with crystals that resonate with the BASE CHAKRA (my favourites are smokey quartz, haematite, black tourmaline & black obsidian)

- Visualisation – while connecting with Archangel Raziel I asked to be shown the quickest & easiest way (can’t blame a girl for trying lol) for me to visualise grounding myself.  I immediately saw a tiny seed in the rich brown earth.  It’s roots began to grow down deep in to the earth and once firmly anchored a beautiful flower began to grow above.  I was told to visualise the flower’s colour as any colour I needed at the time.  I was then given the words ‘As you ground and anchor your light, all that you are becomes bright’.

Have a lovely day and remember to keep your feet on the ground!

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015