Friday, 13 March 2015


No matter how careful I am, over the years I’ve lost my fair share of crystals (it happens when you carry them with you 24/7).  Sometimes they are gone forever and other times they reappear as quickly as they left.  It’s my feeling that once we’ve absorbed and integrated the energy of a certain crystal(s), their work with us is done (for now at least) and it’s time for them to move on.

Often a certain crystal will come back in to our life when we need it again, otherwise they remain to the side or are put away for safe keeping. To me crystals are like Spirit Guides, they are with us when we need them most, and once we have integrated their energy or learned the lesson they were here to assist us with, they leave and a new guide steps in. 

Today and always, be guided by the light of your crystals.

© Cosmic Codes (Amanda Coppa) 2015