Friday, 13 March 2015


Image: 11:11 Awakening Code
I recently heard a famous celebrity say that although he was born into humble beginnings with limited opportunities he was able to change his life and his fortune.  His secret....he discarded all limitations, blocked out the naysayers, chose to believe in himself and affirmed that absolutely anything was possible.  He literally tore down the walls that separated him from his true potential.  He is an inspiring man with a vision and unshakable belief in pure possibility.

Each and every one of us have this within us's a case of mind over matter, faith and holding the belief that we are worthy of greatness, success, love or whatever we aspire to be.  Today and for all the days to come, I encourage you to drop the limiting beliefs, fear, lack and unworthiness.   

Let it go...truly embrace who you are and believe in pure possibility.

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